Frequently asked questions

What is The Wedding Study?

The Wedding Study is a free resource for couples getting married in Calgary and area. The goal is to provide you with the inspiration, information and knowledge needed to confidently plan your wedding and hire your vendors. Think of us as a library for local weddings!

Do you plan weddings?

No, we simply give you the tools and direction to help you plan on your own, with confidence! We have done the background work for you and have the answers you need to get started.

Can you help with any budget?

Yes! We are here to inspire, answer questions and help you in the right direction regardless your budget.

How do you differ from a wedding planner?

This is our number one most asked question! As we believe we fit our own category of the wedding industry, we understand it's a new concept to understand. If you think of us as a library, that's the best way to imagine what you'll gain from our space. Your appointment will be spent learning about categories, vendors, timelines and anything else you have been wondering about! From there, you may realize you need or want a wedding planner, and we can even help you find the right one!